Create Tie Dye T-Shirt

Favourite Colour Swirl Design or one of signature designs.

$20.00 per guest inclusive

Theme Party


Create Theme Tie Dye T-Shirt

Signature Pumpkin, Snowman or Heart design

$20.00 per guest inclusive

Doll or Teddy
Bear Party


Create matching Tie Dye T-shirt for Teddy or Doll

Favourite Colour Swirl or scrunch design.

$25.00 per set of two inclusive

Other Packages:

Summer Splash Bash Package

**Water Proof ** face paint will make the WOW pool parties, splash pads and backyard slip and slides. Alcohol based face paints"DIPS" are best suited for children ages 5 and up. Washes away simply with gentle soap. Read more...

Mini Party Package

Mini Party Package is designed for our younger guests ages 3-5. Party package includes: Face Painting, Glitter Tattoos, Simple Craft and Story Time with Cleo the Clown. Read More.

Tie Dye Party Package

Cleo and her Painting Pals has Partnered with Monkey Bum Tie Dye Apparel...You now have the option to add the best Tie Dye Party Girl at you next event... Working along with one of our Artist at your event ,a Tie Dye Expert from Monkey Bum will bring everything needed for your guests to have an awesome tie dye take home gift : includes tie dye expert, all the tools,aprons, t shirt to tie dyed BEST of All ..... they do all the clean up after!!!! Read more...

Combination Party Package

One of our Painting Pals dressed in company uniform will come and transform party guests into tigers, princesses, super heroes.. whatever their imagination wishes. Adding a Twist to any event Balloon art is a great way to go. With a twist or two, creating animals and imagination. Read More.

Glamour Girl/ Rock Star/Wacky Hair Party Package

One of our plain clothes artists dressed in company uniform will come and add the Wacky and Wild to this party. Includes: Face Painting, Glitter Tattoos, Wacky/Funky Hair Design (by a licensed hairstylist), Craft and Party Game. Read More.

Canvas Paint Party Package

Let the Painting Pals turn any area in your home into an artist studio. All that is required is a stable table and a chair for every guest artist. We use acrylic paints which are NOT washable once the paint has dried. Table covers and drop clothes along with aprons are provided. Read More.

Glitter Tattoos Party Package

Want to add "WOW" to any party Package.... Glitter Tattoos are the way to go. These water proof sparkly tattoos come in tons of designs to suit Boys, Girls and adults. Last 3-5 days approx. Perfect for any party! Read more...

Carnival Treats

Available for rental for all events. Comes with an attendant and all supplies for the event. Cotton Candy, Popcorn, and Snowcones.

Face Painting Party Package

One of our Painting Pals dressed in company uniform will come and transform party guests into tigers, princesses, super heroes ….whatever their imagination wishes. Read More

Classic Birthday Party Package

Have one of our Clown characters’ come and entertain your party guests. Package includes: Face Painting, Glitter Tattoos, Crafts, Games, Small magic, Gift for the birthday child. Read More